Shelter Press is an independent publishing company based in the french Alpes. Our publishing program focuses on contemporary art, poetry and experimental music through artist books, monographs and records.
We do believe that each records and books we publish will offer a threshold to your wonders.

Shelter Press
Bartolomé Sanson
St Martin
73340 Lescheraines

Headpublisher, Designer, Sales
— Bartolomé Sanson (email)

Copublisher, Writer, Events
— Félicia Atkinson (email)

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Demo Policy
We are not accepting demos until further notice.

Press Inquiries
High resolution pics and presskit are available for each titles. Feel free to write us if you need extra content regarding one of our release (ie. interviews, mixtapes, etc.).

For all inquiries regarding press and printed matters, please write to contact@shelter-press.com

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